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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hi Derrick
I have no memory of that whatsoever. I think Steve Holmes has done some work on Church meetings, so it might be better to check with him.

Sean, hope things work out for you. While you are here can I drag your mind back to Whitley Lecture, Paisley 2007 - I have this vague memory of you making connections between the baptist church meeting & 19thC trade union practices - I am doing some continuing research and that kind of link would be useful to pursue - can you recall any research on it?

What a pain. So sorry to hear about this hassle, Sean. I trust that the trip back to the UK is accompanied by some genuinely life-giving space for you and yours, and I look forward to hearing of your return Down Under.

Bummer :( we were fortunate (all those years ago) we got PR before we left, but not without some hassles, including promising to get the First XV to sit on our 12 year old son so the Dr could get a blood sample, and extracting "police certificates" from Zaire... so I wish you well and pray for bureaucrats to show unusual sense :)

Glad to hear we'll be seeing you in the UK, Sean, although sorry to hear about the hassles with Oz immigration. Are you going to be able to make the BNTC in Nottingham in early Sept?

Sorry you are having a time of hassle. Hope you are all able to enjoy some time in the UK and get everything sorted.

If you happen to be around long enough to venture north of Hadrian's Wall there's always a welcome in and around Glasgow/SBC/HBC.

Hey, you could even be back if/when I eventually get my MPhil viva....

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