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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Re: [Sean the Baptist (in the UCA)] Paul submitted a comment to Coming Your Way Soon: Essays on Baptist Hermeneutics

Hi Paul

I think both tasks (the empirical and theoretical/theological) are necessary and mutually informative. There is some work being done on the realia of Baptist interpretation (see the Baptists Bible series published by Baylor) but there is much scope for further work.

This sounds like a great book!

Question though, how do you study the baptist practice of hermeneutics? Baptist hermeneutics is easy to study in theory due to the wealth of sources available of what is taught and said about hermeneutics, but exploring how this is done or even how well it is followed by the thousands of baptist pastors across the world seems difficult to do without a major sociological study.

John Colwell, Paul Fiddes, Simon Woodman, Rex Mason, John Lyons, Brian Brock, Simon Perry ... and more

Looks good. Who else is featured? Just curious as I have a hermeneutics lecturer in my congregation, as one does.

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