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Friday, November 19, 2010


I remember the russell family when I attended acton baptist church. My father, Granville Slack, was secretary of the church. David Russell was a wonderful preacher and we looked forward to his sunday evening sermons. With my parents we visited him at rawdon college and we have been in touch over the years.

I too never had to attend his OT lectures when at Bristol, but remember his assertion that a minister should be in his study by 9.00am with his shoes on! My best memories of Dr Russell are at the Bristol Ministers Fraternal meetings at Keynsham in the 1990's - dry wit and sharp mind!

He was still pretty sharp at 94. Helen and Simon gave him my response to the Baptist Hermeneutics book, and he apparently exclaimed something like "this Anglican doesn't have an argument for not joining the Baptist church." Quite right too!

I remember his visits to RPC in the late 80's-90's at least once each term (he sat on College Council, I seem to remember) with a smile on my face. His humour rivalled BRW and RAM, and his kindnesses were more than just posturing - unlike some today, eh?! He had a stature that spoke of a deep spirituality, and he was a thoughtful (and brief) preacher.

There were giants in the land.....

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