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Friday, September 03, 2010


Re: [Sean the Baptist (in the UCA)] Richard Fellows submitted a comment to 2 Corinthians: An Emerging Thesis

Hi Richard

Thanks for your comments. A long time ago I think I downloaded a copy of your PhD, so I should return to take a good look at it and the argument mounted there that you are clearly developing in your blog posts. Whether the problem of Pauls use of the 1st person plural can be solved quote so easily will have to wait for a future post, I suspect. Thanks for pointing me to your work though.


Sean, I have been thinking along similar lines and I really look forward to any future posts that you may make on the issue of Paul's self-defense. We have to be very careful when reading Paul, don't we, because, by his own admission, his words can appear to be self-defense when really they are intended to build up the church (2 Cor 12:19-21). I have just finished a related blog post. I argue that Paul countered the Corinthians' ethics by calling on them to follow his lifestyle, but some Corinthians undermined his efforts by launching criticisms of him. Paul defended himself against the criticisms for the benefit of the Corinthians.

You mentioned the question of the first person plural in Paul's letters. I think I may have solved the problem. See my blog post of May 29th.

Sounds very good.

I like where you're going with that!

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