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Monday, September 07, 2009


Doug I would imagine reading The Quest as a good preliminary reading for the Deliverance of God in that book I would suggest he outlines the problems with the variant understandings of Paul and their inherent weaknesses. I hope that Campbell has advanced his proposition further in Deliverance and as yet unable to get my hands on it look forward to your comments Sean

Hi Doug
I have searched in vain for the acronyms, but the propositional form of summaries (which look a bit like analytical philosophy in form) are still there as are some of the diagrams. Impressions so far are that the extra length or argument actually does make things clearer, not least what is at stake in the debate.

Before I buy this I probably ought to make another attempt at reading The Quest for Paul's Gospel and seeing how far I can get before breaking down and sobbing at all the acronyms and the impression of tortured English all those PPMEs give me.

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