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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Campbell's book is a milestone, and I reviewed it on my blog.

You write:

"The supplementary point I wish to make here is that this is a theoretical account of the gospel that has a deeply existential connection for many of us who came to faith within a broadly evangelical tradition. Thus, for me and I imagine for many others, the challenge of Campbell’s work, indeed of the New Perspective on Paul in general, concerns not just the definition of Paul’s gospel, but the nature of my own Christian identity. One should not expect these concerns to be at the forefront of an academic argument, but for many readers of this book it will lie in a shadowy and perhaps scary form in the background."

I suspect you're right about this. For me as a non-Christian I found the detailed theoretical account of justification more fascinating than anything else, especially as it plays off or competes with transformation theory. I've no vested interest in either one, but many Christians do of course, including Campbell. He couldn't make plainer where his allegiances lie, and how much he loathes justification theory.

Hi there

The argument is more sustained and in depth than the earlier work, but the basic contours of the argument are the same.

Just for information, it would be helpful if you could identify yourself in comments



Do these comment on Justification go further than his previous writings or does he advance his critique at all

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