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Monday, July 27, 2009


Hmmmmmmm could be.....but what if we are right?

Hi Paul,
thanks for the correction - what was I thinking?

Sean. Interesting that the first volume is on Acts - do you think this reflects a preoccupation with Pentecostalism in some corners of Baptist ecclesiology? Have been sent a copy of David Peterson's commentary on Acts as a freebie. Interested to know your thoughts ahead of my engagement with it! Have previously relied on Jimmy Dunn and FF Bruce...
Incidentally, the event in Amsterday was an EBF/BWA one celebrating 400 years of Baptist life, Helwys, Smyth et al! BWA was founded in 1905.....

OTOH if Acts and indeed the rest of the NT IMO is "early catholic" perhaps Baptists are simply wrong. :)

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