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Thursday, April 02, 2009


Stephen, I thought Big Bird was in Sesame Street - even if it aired when I was far too old to watch it and I only know of it by repute!

Crikey, those Manchester pigeons are fat!

Never mind Penelope and Dick Dastardley - has anyone seen the Prof Pat Pending?? He was last seen heading south with all his gadgets on a big bird... (and any ornithologist will confirm - it's a gilimot!)

And who in the new regime will be Penelope Pitstop? Glen must remember all these characters from his childhood!

When I was reading Politics and International Relations at Lancaster University and Sarah Coakley was lecturing in the RS Dept, the 'Whacky Races' and their highly embarrassing spin-offs were only just in the recent past. My fellow students were probably skipping afternoon lectures to watch the repeats.

Another subliminal influence on the Blessed Sarah might have been the da-glo pink Lancaster University Christian Union posters which plastered the campus every weekend. These were adorned with a dove descending in both top corners (not terribly trinitarian, and clearly not designed by anyone who could count). The CU publicity team openly referred to these as the 'kamikaze ducks' and they quietly disappeared when the posters ran out and had to be reordered (probably still in fluorescent pink though - memory heals)!

I'm sure the NBLC logo will be come to be regarded with affection by all staff, students and field sports enthusiasts.

"Learning Community" ????!!!!?????

In my best Mutley voice "he he he he he"
(Do I get a medal now? And just who is cast in the role of Dick Dastardley?)

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