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Friday, March 13, 2009


Sean -- you may be interested in the Greek Font Society. They have a nice selection of typefaces to use -- free. It is http://www.greekfontsociety.gr/pages/en_about.html -- "typefaces" in the menu.

It's all unicode to me... ;-)

What I see in Firefox is as Bob states but suspect that's down to what's on my steam driven PC as much as anything?

Glad you're back in blogland it's been a bit too quiet of late. I'm sure the likes of Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza would have something to say about the 'power of naming' your blog too.

Hope all is well with your antipodean adventure

Er … if people don't have the font on their computer, it won't show up in this post. So I've got one example of Arial and three of IFAO Greek.

My personal preference currently is for Minion Pro.

One name change, and five posts in a day?!

I quite like Cardo, actually - the GK and Heb scripts, and the Roman. The answer to your aesthetic problem, of course, is to stop using TNR. As I say, the Cardo Roman is fine, but go for Garamond, a beautiful font originally designed in the 1540s and used by Apple in the original Mac branding.

Hmmmm.... Maybe it's just Internet Explorer, but those are all the same when I look at them. (just checked - IE displays all 4 the same, Firefox displays the first differently, the other three the same) I think that you might need to embed an image, rather than hope that the fonts make their way succesfully across the interweb.

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