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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hahaha. I knew you would know. Hope life is good and you're all settled well. We've been thinking about the bush fire situation and its aftermath a lot. Its outcome must be very visible in your part of the world, fallen out of the news here.

Thanks for the feedback so far. Andy, I am not sure which is funnier, that PSF was given the wrong dates or that he needs to rely on a ministerial student to tell him when Council is.

Craig, whenever he mentions 'prayer' ... that is when I am watching you all to see how many of you are smirking.

Sisterfreak - I know who you are

Jen - stop sending Facebook messages to Amanda.

You forgot point 11 - to tell the Didcot staff to stop wetting themselves with laughter in the back corner as they see your guide to survival! Viv refuses to take any further blame!

good one Sean - it's probably hotter out there than in here - half-time at the Baptist Times!

No carbohydrate fest for us!

Phil Jump is absent, but we have found a new c* monitor. We had a good tour of the highlands and islands of Scotland last night.

How do you know about the chairs?
I have a horrible feeling of big brother Sean who has a web cam secreted in Jonathan Edwards's tie.

If so please wave back now!

Increasingly paranoid Craig

Sean - the professor of systematic theology is not here, because i gave him the wrong dates and few weeks ago ...

Hi - Where were you last night? There was a Winter-sized chair looking very empty? We did, however, break open a bottle of Cragganmore and drink to absent friends...

Re: PSF - He's not here because a notorious blogger 'accidentally' gave him the wrong dates.

'Interesting' discussion in break-out groups yesterday. I must learn to curb my inner grumpy-old-man-from-the-muppets.

My first BU Council, so thanks for the advice!

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