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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Looks good to me Sean - especially as you hark back to those years at Bristol Baptist College.
I was reading something the other day and the author alluded to Eph 4:10 "all things" and it took me back to the Seminar Room at Woodland Road, with Morris West "ta panta"!

Liking the picture and looking forward to the blog.

Isn't it funny how those eyes seem to follow you around the room...

Thanks for the comments about Pisteuomen being "excellent". :)

Looking forward to reading Presbeuomen.

Good luck in your studies.

What Jim said - only he says it better than I could.

Now as to the picture, looks like you're on an outback survival course, and have found something (nice / dubious / disgusting) to eat! :-)
Sean the Baptist blogging on Paul is something of a desideratum for those of us who look for Pauline study that neither labours the obvious nor pursues the fashionably novel. But honours the text by letting it be what it is.
Sean the Baptist as ambassador in a uniting Church context - our reputation is safe and so are those who make up the diversity of the fellowship in your new college.
Would also be good not to be so severely NT that you don't keep us up with the publishable gossip of life beyond NT bloggable stuff.
Good to hear from you again Sean. Shalom.

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