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Monday, September 01, 2008


Congratulations, Sean! Welcome to the world of British expats! Cheers, Mark

No more occasional curries at the Baptist assembly, then! Congratulations. it sounds a really exciting opportunity. I look forward to you blogging your progress

Yes!! One more fantastic blog to add to Australia's theoblogging power

Congratulations! And I hope to see you when I come to ICOBS next year. Blessings

Congratulations, hope the preparations and move go well.

Congrats on the move. Melbourne is a great city and there are some fantastic theological thinkers there.

Their gain is our loss but I look forward to the books!

the down under was me sorry, also from nottingham

Can we still go ahead with my tutorial in January?

Welcome down under from further down. Melbourne is wonderful - I lived over there a year a few years ago now. It's a vibrant city of many arts and musics and many cultures. It's cheap to eat out healthy and great for coffee. Watch out for snakes, spiders and crocodiles (when touring), don't play with matches, enjoy the summer and enjoy the sea!

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