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Monday, September 01, 2008


Good grief!! I don't log on here for a month and look what happens!! Thank goodness for blogs so we can follow the next exciting episode down under! Margaretx

Let me join those offering you a proleptic welcome to the Top of the World http://flourish.org/upsidedownmap/rotatedmap-large.jpg though in the photo it is a shame that the centre of the top of the world is obscured by light (just like God in the old hymn?).



Major congrats Sean ... although what'll happen to Council now ... heaven only knows!

I am really pleased for you, although like many others we'll miss your many contribtions to life, Baptist and otherwise.

See you before you go


Congrats, Sean -- it'll be great to have you with us Down Under!

Well, thanks one and all. Catriona, for proofreading. Chris - we will have to wait until SBL some year for that beer. Mike - I know you aren't really jealous, after all, Im going to work for the ultra-liberal, rapidly declining Uniting Church!. Michael - these things are relative. Steph - thanks. Andy J - no sorry, but see you in a week or so. John Lyons - please, please don't come; Andy A. - see you next Thursday for more commiserations!

Oh Sean. Frankly, this is gutting. I'll see you before long to do the whole 'wish you well' bit and 'wow! congratulations', but for now my first thought is 'how sad'.

Their gain is our loss.

Still there are some gains - more whisky for those of us left behind, for one! :)

As a special treat, Sean, I think I'll come along to hear your paper on Barth in Durham. No pressure, it just should be both perfect AND memorable. I feel sure a man of your capabilities can easily manage that....

Great opportunity Sean, not only for you but for those you will teach and amongst whom you live the life of the biblical scholar and theological companion. It's a long way to Melbourne where my Auntie Chrissie has lived for nearly 50 years as an early 1960's immigrant. But I could use either of you as the excuse to visit the other! Blessings Sean, and I DO plan on being in Manchester before your house is all packed up!!

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