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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Thanks for this
a very helpful pointer.
If you are interested in linking to my spirituality & worship site
"Liturgy" www.liturgy.co.nz
let me know.

I wonder if there can be such a thing as Baptist spirituality, Catholic, Lutheran - or, for that matter, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist.

I see doctrinal differences of course, but one would like to think that spirituality would be - well, one...

Excellent! Considering that '09 is the 400th anniversary of the Baptist movement (if we date from Smyth's self-baptism in 1609; other plausible dates are 1611 when Helwys and co. established the church in Spitalfields or 1644 when a segment of the JLJ church in London split to become the first Particular Baptist congregation), this is brilliant timing!

I'm sure it will be worth waiting for!!

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