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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Thanks for stopping by, and for indicating the wider scope of your own research. Marshall fascinated me as you described him. Perhaps there is some scope for more work on him. Anyway, good to hear from you. I hope all goes well with the project and I look forward to seeing it in due course.

Thanks for your account of the BHS meeting, to which an acquaintance in Australia called my attention (a small world!). You will find that the whole version of my presentation which should be in the Paternoster book will contain some information on how the Americans achieved the dominant role in the BWA. Fortunately, in my opinion, this has been changing in recent years. The exit of the Southern Baptists has certainly contributed to the process of the BWA taking on a more global character. Interestly, someone introduced a resolution at the last (2008) SBC annual meeting calling for the SBC to rejoin the BWA and it was referred to the Executive Committee. Their endeavor to control the worldwide Baptist movement obviously has flopped.

I am glad you caught my comment about Newton Marshall. As I got to looking at the early history of the BWA in my work on the centenary history, I realized that he had not received the recognition he deserved, and I hope some British Baptist undertakes a complete study of his life and work. Since I did my doctoral work in German history, my sympathies naturally lie with him and Rushbrooke.

My best, Dick

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