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Thursday, June 05, 2008


"Hand" is also generally accepted as a euphemism for "penis" in Ugaritic texts, cf. KTU 1.23 V 34-35, 40, with the length of El's "hand" being described as equivalent to that of the ocean, and El's wives refer to his flaccid penis as "the rod of your hand drooping". Then he kissed their lips and "from their lips came conception, from embracing, impregnation" (49-51).

Hi Aaron
It seems to me that your example works better as an abuse if we keep finger as finger in this case. I can just imagine the sign language that goes with it.

I always liked 1 Kings 12:10:

My little finger is thicker than my father's "loins"!

Thanks feygele,
Thats what happens when cutting and pasting out of Accordance! If memory serves me, the strict plural is not used in the OT, but the dual construct form.

Just to clarify, רגליו means "his feet" not "feet." (Feet - רגלים ; foot רגל)

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