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Monday, March 17, 2008


Thanks everyone for the feedback. If I do it I think I will try and post daily (well those days when I am working at least). Weekly might have the feel of a Fast Show sketch ...this week, I have been mostly reading .... Gadamer.

I'm just coming to the end of mine, and I've found it really helpful to record the vague wanderings of the mind, and identify what has disturbed or challenged or encouraged me. Try it - after all, you can always stop if it doesn't help. You can stop, can't you? 'I can give it up anytime I want to...'

Unless you are going into retreat-mode, it seems to make a lot of sense to blog whilst on sabbatical. In fact, a pretty strong case could be made in terms of accountability, collaboration and dissemination.

You could do what Tim (http://bigbible.org/blog/) has done during his sabbatical and set up an entirely new blog for the purpose (http://asiabible.wordpress.com/).

It would be good to have some regular weekly posts ... you might enjoy the break from the books and confines of your study ...

I'm sure a nice bit of journalling would be very good for your soul - you could even write a nice essay about it afterwards. ;-)

I quite enjoy reading other people's research-type posts, and just now and then they are also quite funny, which is a bonus.

Whatever you decide, have a good NBC-style Sabbatical and we'll be waiting when you return...

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