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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Much better in my view Paul. France's work on Matthew has a long pedigree and his earlier work always seemed to me to be instinctively right. If you are going to buy a Matthew commentary and can't afford £120 or so for 3 volumes of Luz - this is the one I think.

I have to say...

Is it better than his commentary on Mark?

We used to have a wonderful senior minister who stood up at our Baptist Assembly in Scotland and with great courtesy and aplomb, announce, 'Mr President, I would like to endorse the sentiments of the previous speaker, as sensible, helpful and much to the point'.

Likewise me too! France's Matthew commentary is all that a middle range commentary should be - readable, enough information on most of the points that NEED comment, restricted use of secondary sources, and an independent engagement with the text.

I have to agree with you Sean. I've been using it for the past few weeks as we preach through the discources in Matthew and I've been finding really helpful.

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