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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I definitely agree with the Meic Pearse recommendation, The Great Restoration frequently had me smiling. Also, it is not often the anabaptists and the 17th century English Radicals are treated together.

Hi Sean
I'm looking forward to reading Tokens of Trust. Spent the summer trawling through Alpha-like courses trying to develop one for college students -- one more miserable than the last. maybe the archbishop will help. . .

Thanks for the helpful and challenging recommendations.

I read Rowan Williams, Tokens of Trust last month and agree with you fully.

It is simply superb - particularly chapter 5, 'God in Company', where he speaks of believing in the Church as believing in "the unique gift of the other that God has given you to live with."

This comment is by way of a friendly celebration of Sean's solidarity with those of us who enjoy the aesthetics of book production, especially as exemplified by the Hermeneia Commentaries. As always, my Haiku efforts are 5x7x5

Hermeneia Haiku

Hermeneia, is
An ancient Greek speaking word
For hermeneutics.

Hermeneutics, the
Modern term for biblical

Sumptuous volumes,
Book-buying extravagance
So hard to resist.

A thing of beauty,
Aesthetics and scholarship
A joy forever.

Luz’ magnum opus,
Winter’s desideratum
Matthean triptych.

Haiku PS

Lesser mortals ask
‘What is wirkungsgeschichte?’
Is it important?

Thanks for your contribution. I’ve added a link to your list.

Okay Sean - I am shamelessly exploiting your blog to answer a question on my own - can you (biblical scholar that you are) give me an idea of the sixe of the Churches that the various letters in the New Testament were addressed to - okay you do not have to give them all but say Corinth and Rome - how big were these congregations?


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