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Thursday, June 28, 2007


Greek AND Hebrew. I only spent a year in Oxford (at Regents' Park), but there is part of this American Southerner than will "always be Oxford," too. And who doesn't struggle with spiritual disciplines. I can never get the hang of journaling, for instance.

I love your honesty with number 4.

Andy, I found that if I crammed in the vocab, the Grammar was (mostly) soaked-up by osmosis. I'm not sure if my tutors would have recommended that approach, but it worked for me.

Thanks Andy.
Catriona, my sticking with Greek is a compromise solution (see no. 8)
Fred, I am not sure it it also bothers you that I am more of a politician, or that you are as well!

#8 bothers me too.

Thank you for sharing.

I agree with number 5 entirely - I wish people of all theological 'schools' would stop dissing each other. I also confess that sometimes I think I could do with some systematics as I don't know what other people are talking about half the time, though I could draw you a lovely three circle diagram for almost anything.

I'll happily accept number 6 - so long as we don't have to pass it... What about Hebrew too?

Excellent set of confessions. I haven't done it because I'm not sure what to confess. I guess I better get back to learning greek! I did one year, but the grammar was beyond me.

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