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Thursday, March 22, 2007


Thank you, as ever, for your excellent moderating. Especially on Wednesday when time was against you and for your humour at crucial moments.

Hi Catriona
The problem is a legal one. The hope was initially that most IMC churches would become open membership churches, while others would become dual churches. While this is fine in relation to baptismal practice, it would require most IMC churches to close themselves down, give their monies to the IMC and then reform within BUGB (trust deeds are at fault as usual).

So this is a less than perfect workaround, which comes with a commitment from IMC to scale down their central organisation over the next few years. The hope is that working with Charity Commissioners would enable a further move into existing Associations in due course.

Sounds like a busy time was had by all. I'm intrigued - what is the logic of the IMC forming a non-geographical association? I'm not quite sure how this aids union. For example, in the North West if the IMCs entered NWBA it could be strengthened; similarly why/how does the one IMC in Loughorough not have the potential to gain more from being part of EMBA rather being linked to Widnes and Warrington? I'm not against the idea, just find it a little strange - and potentially opening the way for other 'special interest associations.' This might not be the right forum to ask these things or to answer, but I am fascinated.

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